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[BAK] Plugins

Asset Tracking

To track an asset please enter the fingerprint in the box below and press the "Track" button.

WordPress plugins that enhance websites and shops, enabling secure transactions, data integrity, and decentralized solutions

Bakrypt WooCommerce Extension

Revolutionize your e-commerce with Bakrypt WooCommerce Extension. Mint your WooCommerce products into NFTs, unlock new possibilities, and tap into the NFT market.


Our Story

Welcome to Bakrypt, where we empower artists and brands in the world of NFTs. With our REST API, you can effortlessly create captivating NFT collections. Our user-friendly interface enables you to generate projects, curate sets of assets, and craft unique digital creations. Seamlessly integrated with the Cardano network, our platform ensures the secure storage and accessibility of your creations through IPFS storage. Additionally, we offer a reliable staking pool as a Cardano Stake Pool Operator (SPO). Join us and unlock the full potential of the Cardano ecosystem.